Enviromental Efforts

Buddy Bar Casting has developed a new sand reclamation system, which allow it to completely reclaim and recycle chemically bonded mold sand, as well as used core sands. The dry sand molding process has been a mainstay of the business since its inception and allows for simple molding of increasingly large and complex castings. The reclamation system virtually eliminates the need to purchase new sand and also eliminates the costly process of hauling used sand to landfills. 

The reclamation system was developed with the help of Dependable Foundry Equipment and is a custom designed unit which has the ability to process approximately 2000 pounds of “better-than-new” sand per hour. “Buddy Bar Casting is committed to developing the best possible process of manufacturing aluminum castings which allow us to be highly competitive, while at the same time being environmentally responsible. This new Dependable Thermal Reclaimer helps us to achieve both.”

The development of the new Dependable Sand Reclaimer has helped to make the company more competitive, more environmentally friendly, and also has improved the quality of our castings. “It’s a win/win situation for our customers, our company, and the planet.”    We are an Eco Friendly Foundry. The History Channel aired a video in 2006 called the BONEYARD featuring BUDDY BAR CASTING and ALCAN Aluminum. The show followed the dismantling and recycling of the aluminum in a no longer usable 747 from scrap to a new product cast and machined by Buddy Bar Casting.

Boneyard Video

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  • Green Sand recycling
  • Dry Sand recycling
  • 50% of the Aluminum we use is recycled Aluminum